JAB Law LLC | Employee Representation
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Employee Representation

JAB Law uses its years of experience counseling and defending fortune 100 companies to counsel employees when disputes occur. Working primarily with executive and professional employees in New Jersey and New York, our employment attorneys have the experience employees need to resolve their employer issues negotiations and litigation. Whether you have been disciplined or wrongfully terminated. Experienced harassment, discrimination, wage and hour, or contract litigation, our attorneys are there to represent you in mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys are dedicated to fighting for employees’ rights. To determine what your rights are, please Email us or call (973) 536-2214.

Fighting for your rights as an Employee

JAB Law resolves disputes and negotiates for you:

Wage, Hour and Overtime Claims
Age Discrimination
Family Leave
Gender Discrimination
Wrongful Discharge
LGBT Employment Issues
Disability Discrimination
Workplace Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Restrictive Covenants
Sexual Harassment
Employment Agreement
Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreements
Severance Agreements

Please Email us or call (973) 536-2214 today!